Deleted Scene from ‘The Last Dance’ Has Been Leaked

The Last Dance, the Netflix series documenting the incredible untold story of Michael Jordan winning at basketball, was what the country needed during the pandemic. Live sports were all shutdown, and the Jordan series helped reinvigorate the sports fan during a very dark time.

Now we have another bit of content from the amazing docuseries.

In a deleted scene from The Last Dance, Jordan is being interviewed by the late Stuart Scott for a June 1998 edition of ESPN’s Sunday Conversation. In the midst of the NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan sat down with Stuart Scott to talk about his basketball future and whether he’d opt to retire if Phil Jackson and Scottie Pippen were to leave the Bulls.

He also spoke about who’s the “Next Michael Jordan”


Watch below:

“It’s not fair, you know, but it’s a standard of measurement,” Jordan replied. “When I came in, (it was) Dr. J. It’s just a standard of measurement to compare to. But there’s never going to be another Michael Jordan. There’s never going to be another Dr. J, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. Now, there’s gonna be a Kobe Bryant, there’s gonna be a Grant Hill, Anfernee Hardaway. These guys are going to have similar traits, it’s how they manifest those traits to be the best basketball player.”

Jordan continues, “No matter what the league does, in terms of trying to promote, you can’t fool the consumer, you can’t fool the fans. So I mean, the game is going to say, he’s the next, whoever. Your game is going to have to evolve to that label the league is trying to promote you with. It’s a danger to that because the credibility of the game could take a hit.”

The Last Dance Limited Blu-Ray gift set includes deleted scenes from the never-before-seen uncut Stuart Scott x Michael Jordan “Sunday Conversation” from June 1998.

You can see more of the conversation below:

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