Daryl Morey Receives Hefty Fine For Steph Curry Tweet

Daryl Morey is no stranger to controversy over his Twitter account. And on Monday, he was at it again.

The Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations was in some trouble over a tweet he sent that was directed at Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Steph Curry took to his Instagram to shout out his brother Seth (who plays for Philadelphia) after the guard went off against the Wizards during their playoff series last week.

Daryl Morey must have just noticed Steph’s shoutout, and he used it to attempt to court Steph to Philly. He took a screenshot of the post, and captioned it “join em'” on Twitter.


Daryl Morey tried to clear up his Tweet shortly after.

The explanation was apparently not enough for the NBA, and they announced the Sixers executive would be fined a decent amount of cash.

“The NBA announced today it has fined Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey $75,000 for violating the league’s anti-tampering rule,” the NBA announced in a statement, via NBA insider Tim Bontemps. “The fine is in response to a social media post Morey made June 3 regarding the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. The 76ers also were fined $75,000 for Morey’s conduct.”

Daryl Morey will probably not be too happy about the fine. But he’ll get over it pretty quickly if his 76ers can continue to play good basketball in the playoffs.

The 76ers lost Game 1 to the Atlanta Hawks over the weekend, and will look to even the score on Tuesday night.

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