Cole Beasley Offers to Buy Game Tickets for Unvaccinated Bills Fans

There’s being anti vaxx, and then there’s this.

Apparently Cole Beasley is such a fan of not getting the vaccine, that he’s willing to hook up others who don’t believe in it. Via Jason Wolf of the Buffalo News, Beasley and long-snapper Reid Ferguson have responded to the Bills’ mandate that proof of vaccination is required to attend games at Highmark Stadium. Fans who refuse to get vaccinated and are planning to see the Bills in away games, are being offered tickets by the two Bills members.

Beasley responded to the Bills fan who refuses to get the shots

“I’ve had Covid, so in my opinion, I’ve already got the antibodies,” Hauquitz told the Buffalo News. “I think they’re just as good as the vaccine. The vaccine came out pretty rushed. I don’t really know all the information. In my opinion, there’s so little information out there and it all seems to be one-sided. And then, personally, my religious beliefs. I think God created me for a purpose. He has a plan for my life. And whether I have the vaccine or not, I’m taken care of.”

Hauquitz also said that when he got COVID, it was his decision to “take a chicken pox approach” and pass it along to his entire family, including his children, who range in age from 23 months to 12 years.

The Bills long snapper responded to him as well:

If you don’t want to get the vaccine that’s one thing, but to push your agenda on others is pretty hypocritical.

Beasley is Pro Anti Vax.

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