Chicago Bulls Forward Thaddeus Young Says He Contemplated Retirement When Playing For Former Coach Jim Boylen

Chicago Bulls forward Thaddeus Young is having a career resurgence under new coach Billy Donovan. After being looked over last season, Young is now averaging 12.4 PPG, and has forced his way into the Bulls’ starting rotation.

A lot of Thaddeus Young’s career revival is likely due to Jim Boylen no longer being his coach. Boylen’s tenure in Chicago was wholly forgettable, with a lot of the team looking better this season.


Young was interviewed on NBC Sports Chicago’s Bulls Talk Podcast and revealed just how tough last season was for him.

“Last year, was real tough on me. It was real tough on me. I actually thought about last year, ‘Man, after this I’m done.’ Just because it was so bad last year to the point, where, like, I had never really been frustrated and I had gotten so frustrated with just like a lot of the stuff that was going on to the point where it was like ‘Is it even worth it for the team to even deal with it?’”

Thaddeus Young credited his wife for keeping him going during the tough times, and sounds like he has a new perspective.

“I was like, man, you know what hopefully we make some changes. I’m not even saying if we would have made the changes with the coaching situation, if we just made changes as far as how we played as a team. Like, felt like we were being listened to as far as how we need to play and how things need to be structured. Then, I would have been much more happy, because I wouldn’t have felt like we weren’t going into every single game taking a knife into a gun fight.”

Thad Young refrained from calling Jim Boylen out, but fans all seemed to think that’s who he was talking about with these comments.

Thaddeus Young and the Bulls are currently suffering from a skid, and have taken themselves out of playoff position. However, it appears that the team is in a much better place than they were last year, and that there is some reason for optimism in Chicago.

At the very least, Jim Boylen isn’t the coach anymore. That counts for something…just ask Thaddeus Young.

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