MLB Ump Angel Hernandez Hilariously Trending After Video Of Drunk Umpire Goes Viral

Even and MLB lockout won’t stop fans from trolling umpire Angel Hernandez

A hilarious video is circling social media of the first base ump in a Mexico league escorted off the field by security after he was confronted for being obviously hammered during the game

When the first man approaches the hammered umpire, he appears to resist before two more security member come and take the drunk ump off the field.

Fans in the crowd couldn’t help themselves from laughing and cheering as the ump was being taken off the field.

Shortly after the video of the Mexican umpire went viral, fans swarmed social media to troll Angel Hernandez.

Even if it’s the offseason. And nobody has any idea when/if the MLB will pick back up again this year, Angel Hernandez still can’t catch a break.

You really have to wonder if he has any idea the extent to which he’s trolled all the time on social media.

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