Allen Robinson’s Agent Goes Off on Twitter

The Bears hot start to the season already feels like two seasons ago. And people are not happy in Chicago right now. The agent for Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson took to Twitter on Monday night to express his frustrations about play calling during the game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Robinson made six catches for 43 yards on nine targets in the game.

“Should he not be the first read in the redzone 99% of the time?” Parker tweeted. “Only team in the league that won’t throw it to the WR1 in the redzone. Same guy who’s leading the league in contested catches.. What’s really going on?”


According to, Robinson has been targeted nine times in the red zone this year, 44th in the league, with five catches.

The Bears had 149 yards of offense, and Parker said their fans “deserve better than this,” before ending the night by saying that the blame doesn’t rest on Foles.

“Prayers up to @NickFoles The lack of production isn’t on Nick. No qb could have success behind that OL. It’s a shame..,” Parker tweeted.

The Bears QB issues continue on,  and we know Chicago is a place where receivers go to die. There’s not much hope for Allen Robinson as long as he’s on the Bears.

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