Bengals Running Back Chris Evans Being Linked to Kim Kardashian Amid Release of Next Boyfriend Betting Odds

Kim Kardashian’s betting odds are so hot right now.

Earlier today we broke down the latest hot bet happening in the world of gambling.  Of course any bet that features Kim Kardashian has nothing to do with actual sports, but rather a super famous person’s love life. Kim Kardashian recently broke things off with funny man Pete Davidson, and quickly everyone was already pairing her up with her next boyfriend. Twitter handle Oddshark took things one step further, and actually posted odds on who her next boyfriend will be.

There were a number of huge celebs, including Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx, Drake, and Harry Styles. Naturally Pete Davidson and Kanye made the list, you know just in case she reconciles. Then there was the crazy longshots, like Trump and Johnny Depp. But one name stood out among the rest, Bengals’ running back Chris Evans.

I have to admit, we posted the odds earlier, and totally missed that the odds weren’t referencing actor Chris Evans, rather  NFL running back Chris Evans.

Bengals running back Chris Evans is currently listed with respectable +1400 odds.

After hearing about his name popping up in the Kim Kardashian dating odds, Evans posted a hilarious response on social media.

Chris Evans responds to Kim Kardashian dating odds

Evans posted his reaction to seeing his name on the Kardashian Next Boyfriend list.

Take a look below:

Bengals fans had some fun with it:

If both Chris Evans’ know what’s good for them, they’ll stay as far away from Kim Kardashian as possible.

The Kardashian Curse is one curse not to be trifled with. Best of luck to the Bengals running back this season on and off the field.

Check out more of the reality star below:

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