Bettor Dropped 5K On Live-Bet For Julio Rodriguez to Hit a Home Run Only Two Pitches Before It Happened

You can bet before the game, or you can bet while you watch a game.

Live betting, also known as “in-play betting,” refers to betting that occurs after a game has officially started. It allows viewers to place bets throughout the game rather than only before its start, causing the odds to change in response to what’s happening during the game. Live betting has become increasingly popular as betting continues to go mainstream. One bettor must have been noticing something before he Live-Bet $5000 dollars on Julio Rodriguez to blast out a homerun.

The cool part about this particular Live-Bet is the gambler placed the wager on Rodriguez to hit a dinger only two pitches before he actually did.

See the bet via Draftkings Sportsbook below:

The bettor cashed in at 15-1 when Rodriguez hit the dinger.

Julio Rodríguez hit his 21st home run of the season and his first since signing his big extension with the  Seattle Mariners. The 21-year-old could earn as much as $470 million, which would be MLB’s most lucrative contract ever. The base of Rodriguez’ contract is eight years and $120 million, putting him with the Mariners until at least 2029 according to Jeff Passan.

“There’s a lot to digest on Julio Rodríguez’s extension with Seattle, per ESPN sources. The deal could be for 8, 13, 16 or 18 years. It guarantees Rodriguez $210 million. If it maxes out, it will be the largest ever: $470 million.”

In his first home run derby, Rodriguez battled with Juan Soto, arguably the best hitter in Major League Baseball. He finished as the first-ever player to hit multiple 30-HR rounds in a single derby.

Not a bad guy to bet on to hit a home run, now that’s what you call some on demand winning, 75 grand worth of it.

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