Kardashian Curse Alive and Well Following Devin Booker, Suns Finals Loss

The Kardashian Curse is trending this  morning. The Phoenix Suns had a two game lead in the NBA Finals, and then the wheels fell off. Throughout the entire NBA season, everyone has been patiently waiting for the Kardashian curse to rear its ugly head, and now that the Phoenix Suns lost to the Bucks in the NBA Finals, Twitter made sure to place the blame squarely on the Kardashian curse.

And boy did Twitter go hard.

See below:




Last month Kendall Jenner talked about the Kardashian curse, dismissing it, and placing any blame on the men, not the curse.

There’s definitely something to the Kardashian Curse. If Kendall thought she could nullify the curse by addressing, she was sadly mistaken.

The Kardashian Curse is alive and well!

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