Many Call The Kentucky Derby Rigged After Massive Underdog Rich Strike Wins

It seems like every year bettors are trying to find a way to call out the Kentucky Derby for being rigged when their horses don’t cash. But this year the cries are louder than ever.

In a stunning upset, 80-1 underdog Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby with a huge push in the final stages of the race.

After the race concluded, people swarmed social media to call the Kentucky Derby rigged.

Sometimes, an event takes place in sports that’s just so beyond comprehension that fans can’t really even wrap their heads around it. And it appears that was the case with Rich Strike winning the Kentucky Derby.

Not only was the massive underdog horse able to win the race, but chasing down a favorite in Epicenter made the whole thing even more unbelievable.

No, I don’t see how the Kentucky Derby could have been rigged. But that won’t stop people from making insane claims.

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