Bettor Places Large Sum on Chicago Bears to Have Fewest Wins in the NFL

Here’s one bettor who isn’t sold on the Bears.

While there are a plethora of bets available for one to wager on, there are some futures bets that are pretty unusual. Call me crazy, but to bet on a team to lose is kind of weird.  You can do that with an Over/Under on wins, which really isn’t all that unusual, but still,  betting on losses.  You can also take things one step further if you really want to place your money on a loser, by betting on a season long Team Futures prop bet. You can actually bet on which NFL team will finish with the fewest amount of wins. One bettor is all in on the Chicago Bears finishing with the fewest amount of wins on  the season.

The bettor has placed $5K on the Bears to finish dead last.

See below:

The bettor would win 50k if the Bears finish with the fewest amount of wins.

Currently the Bears over/under total of wins is 6.5

Chicago Bears win total 2022: Over/under 6.5 (O: +150 | U: -190)

That puts them at the lower third of NFL teams in total wins projected.


Alphabetical Order

  • Arizona Cardinals 8.5 (Last Season: 11)
  • Atlanta Falcons 4.5 (Last Season: 4)
  • Baltimore Ravens 9.5 (Last Season: 8)
  • Buffalo Bills 11.5 (Last Season: 11)
  • Carolina Panthers 6.5 (Last Season: 5)
  • Chicago Bears 6.5 (Last Season: 6)
  • Cincinnati Bengals 9.5 (Last Season: 10)
  • Cleveland Browns 8.5 (Last Season: 10)
  • Dallas Cowboys 10.5 (Last Season: 12)
  • Denver Broncos 10.5 (Last Season: 7)
  • Detroit Lions 6.5 (Last Season: 3)
  • Green Bay Packers 10.5 (Last Season: 13)
  • Houston Texans 4.5 (Last Season: 4)
  • Indianapolis Colts 9.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 (Last Season: 3)
  • Kansas City Chiefs 10.5 (Last Season: 12)
  • Los Angeles Chargers 10.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • Los Angeles Rams 10.5 (Last Season: 12)
  • Las Vegas Raiders 8.5 (Last Season: 10)
  • Miami Dolphins 8.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • Minnesota Vikings 9.5 (Last Season: 8)
  • New England Patriots 8.5 (Last Season: 10)
  • New Orleans Saints 8.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • New York Giants 7.5 (Last Season: 4)
  • New York Jets 5.5 (Last Season: 4)
  • Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 7.5 (Last Season: 9)
  • San Francisco 49ers 9.5 (Last Season: 10)
  • Seattle Seahawks 5.5 (Last Season: 7)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11.5 (Last Season: 13)
  • Tennessee Titans 9.5 (Last Season: 12)
  • Washington Commanders 7.5 (Last Season: 7)

The Seahawks, Jets, Houston Texans, and Falcons are predicted to have fewer wins than the Bears.

A lot has to go wrong for a team to finish with that few of wins, but you never know what can happen with the Bears, especially with a new Head coach and a 2nd year Quarterback under center.

You have to believe this bettor must be a Packers fan.

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