One Bettor Still Thinks Lowly Chicago Cubs Have Chance To Win World Series

The Chicago Cubs are in the midst of a clear rebuild year, but that won’t stop one bettor from making a shot-in-the-dark chance on the North-Siders to win the whole damn thing.

Today, Caesers Sportsbook revealed that one MLB bettor put $100 on the Cubs to win the World Series. The bet would pay out $250,000.

As it stands, the Cubs are sitting at a dismal 47-66 on the season, and are a whopping 15.5 games behind the rival Cardinals for first place in the NL Central division.

Still, the Cubs have their core of Willson Contreras and Ian Happ despite the notion that the two All-Stars would be traded at the deadline earlier in the month.

Now, the Cubs are shifting their attention to next year, with owner Tom Ricketts guaranteeing that this was not the brand of baseball that will persist in Chicago.

“I’ll be the first to acknowledge this is not the type of baseball Cubs fans deserve,” Ricketts said to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers. “Our decision last year to move away from Cubs players who brought us a World Series title was tough, but we have a plan to return to championship contention by building the next great Cubs team around a young core of players augmented by free agent signings — and we’re making progress.”

Right now, the Cubs have no chance of making a run for a World Series championship, but perhaps that could change in recent years.

You have to scratch your head at this bettor throwing $100 down the drain, though.

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