Last Week’s Underdog Upsets – August 14, 2023

Betting the underdog is always fun and when done right can sometimes be profitable. Every week there are some crazy upsets, and every week we’ll report on them. This week we’ll be covering upsets that took place in the MLB.

MLB Underdog Upsets

The Seattle Mariners had +132 odds to beat San Diego Padres on Thursday the 10th. They ended up winning!
The Seattle Mariners won by 5.

The Chicago White Sox ended up winning as +108 odds underdogs on Thursday the 10th vs the New York Yankees.
The New York Yankees lost by 7 points.

The Chicago White Sox had +139 odds to beat New York Yankees on Tuesday the 8th. They ended up winning!
The Chicago White Sox won by 4.

The Milwaukee Brewers came into last Wednesday with -209 odds to win. Colorado Rockies ended up winning as +173 odds underdogs.
The Colorado Rockies won by 4.

The Kansas City Royals ended up winning as +108 odds underdogs on Saturday the 12th vs the St. Louis Cardinals.
The Kansas City Royals won by 4.

The Baltimore Orioles had +137 odds to beat Seattle Mariners on Sunday the 13th. They ended up winning!
A total of 1 points were scored in this matchup.

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