Degen Bet Of The Day: ICC Test Cricket, England v. Pakistan (August 13)

And to think that some of you annually complain about the length of the NBA and NHL Playoffs. In the latest Awesemo Side Action Degen Bet Of The Day, we’ll put that impatience to the test…Test Cricket that is!

Heralded as the game’s highest regarded standard by the International Cricket Council (ICC), Test Cricket possesses the longest of match durations: a four-inning grind that can last as many as five days to complete an entire match. (Just imagine last season’s NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal Game 7 taking the better part of a week only to be concluded by Kawhi’s fittingly lengthy rim-bounce)

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Apparently the “test” is considered to be that of the ultimate challenge to mind, body, and spirit (and personal free time), posturing as the “most complete examination of a team’s endurance and ability” [Wiki].

Squeezing as much bang for your buck out of a bet is about as much as one degen can ask for in entertainment value (besides cashing the actual ticket itself), and Test Cricket appears to do just that and then some.

According to, “Test matches are played in 5 days and give time to play solid cricket match betting strategy.” Well, fancy that.

England’s cricket club comes into this gauntlet at even (-100) odds to-win as the betting favorites, while Pakistan sits as a substantially distant +330 underdog by the bookmakers.

Their head-to-head history may be worth a gander:

Degen Bet Of The Day: ICC Test Cricket, England v. Pakistan (August 13)

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Considering the number of lifetimes it took to compile 83 Test Cricket matches, I suppose we can take some of this with a grain of salt.

However, not accounted for in the above Wikipedia table is the most recent 1st Test in Pakistan’s Tour of England, played just under a week ago, where England won by 3 wickets, with a final score of….219 & 277/7 for England, against Pakistan’s 326 & 169.

To keep the explanation as simple as possible: the first number of a team’s score was from their first inning (against the opponent’s first inning score), and the next number being from a team’s second inning scores (The number following the /, and in this case /7, refers to the number of wickets ‘for’ the opponent…I know, it’s a bit much).

Anyhow, England not only won the last match but appear to be on a hot streak since July, winning four of their last five matches played. Pakistan, on the other hand, has unfortunately had all of their scheduled matches either postponed or cancelled and have no recent action played besides last week’s four-day match loss to England.

A Draw is an option at +180, which is also somewhat of a possibility given their track record. But at an even payout, I think England to-win is a bit of a steal considering the recency bias you can rest your laurels on, while Pakistan is still working the rust off of their game.

Pick: England ML (EVEN)

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