Big Ass Bet Alert: Large Wager Placed on Eagles to Win Super Bowl

Someone is really feeling the Philadelphia Eagles.

Preseason for bettors is the perfect time to take some season long flyers, which means you can throw down some money on long shots.  But usually when you do such a thing, you don’t put down that much cash. You keep the upside high, and the downside  low. One bettor isn’t too worried about losing some real money, as he’s thrown a bundle of cold hard cash on the Eagles.  According to one bet made via DraftKings Sportbook, a wager of 20 Grand has been placed on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the  Super Bowl.

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See the bet  below:

So the return on that large bet would be almost a half a million, which would be a pretty sweet return. .At 25-1 the Eagles are  right in the middle of the pack.

See all the Super Bowl Odds below:

The Eagles over/under on wins right now is 9.5.

The Eagles are projected to have one the very best offensive lines, and the pairing of superstar wide receiver AJ Brown with second-year Devonta Smith suddenly give Philly one of the best receiving duos in football. The Eagles have also made key defensive acquisitions to further fuel the prognosticators that the Eagles can compete for a Lombardi this season.

Philly is definitely a dark-horse Super Bowl bet with the potential to make noise in the NFC. Maybe it is time to take a flyer on the birds.

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