Stephen A. Smith Is Already Roasting The Dallas Cowboys Ahead Of The NFL Season

Stephen A. Smith is back at his post at ESPN after rehabbing from an injury. And he made sure to make a grand entrance earlier in the week.

After the return, Smith also announced that he’s coming out with a new memoir, “Straight Shooter”.

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Now, Stephen A. Smith is back to his favorite hobby: sh**ing on the Dallas Cowboys.

On “First Take” today, Stephen A shared his take that the Cowboys will not be winning the lowly NFC East this season.

“Hell no. Dallas Cowboys ain’t winning no NFC East! Let me say that again before I come down to say it to y’all face: Dallas Cowboys ain’t winning the NFC East! You scratched that! You scratched that,” Smith said emphatically.

He would go on to say that he believes the Eagles will take the East this season.

Stephen A. Smith might be on to something with his prediction.

Despite the Cowboys being large favorite to win the NFC East in recent years, the Eagles have closed the gap this season.

Check out the full odds to win the NFC East, per Draftkings.

NFC East Division Winner Odds

  • Cowboys: +140
  • Eagles +160
  • Commanders +500
  • Giants +800

Speaking earlier in the offseason, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said making the playoffs wouldn’t be enough for him to say this year is a success. For his team to reach his high expectations, Jones wants his guys to be considered ‘viable’ contenders once the postseason rolls around.

“Well, I need to win it. I need to win it, but I’ll be candid with you, there’s degrees. I want to be fair to everybody concerned,” Jones said. “We need to be in the playoffs. We need to be viable in the playoffs for it to be a successful season.”

The Cowboys have been the class of the NFC East for the past five years or so. But perhaps a changing of the guard is coming. And if that’s the case, Stephen A. Smith is going to have a field day.

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