Big Ass Bet Alert: Bettor Placed a Crazy Large Bet on the Hall of Fame Game Back in March

While some wait to make their bets closer to the actual game being played, others don’t.

The 2022 season begins Thursday night in Canton, Ohio, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the first NFL action of the year. One bettor wanted action so bad on the NFL’s first preseason game, he bet a bundle on the game all the way back in March.  The bettor placed a wager of 55 grand on the Raiders at -1.

See the bet below:

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Twitter weighed in on the bet:

Because it’s only the preseason, we won’t see a ton of the main characters in action Thursday night. But for the first time since the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, the NFL will return to what it does best.

NFL Betting season is officially open for business.

Best of luck to the DC resident on cashing in on his March Bet.

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