NFL Preseason Betting Lines: Andy Reid’s Comment On Chiefs Starters Has Major Betting Impact

With Week One of the NFL preseason upon us, many bettors have enjoyed the tall task of trying to pick a winner even though backup players are in for most, if not all, of the first game.

However, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid admitted that he’s going to give Patrick Mahomes and his starters some significant playing time in their matchup against the Bears today.

Andy Reid would go on to say that Patrick Mahomes and all other Chiefs quarterbacks will play for one quarter.

“As far as the game goes, we’ll go quarters for the quarterbacks,” Reid said via Chiefswire. “So each one will get a quarter and their group will kind of follow along with that. We’ll try to get the young guys the majority of the reps as we go and make sure they get enough work.”

Chiefs Vs. Bears Betting Line

Per Draftkings, the betting line for Chiefs Vs. Bears today is currently even or pk, with the over/under set at 38.5. However, following Reid’s comment on Chiefs starting, their 1H line sits at -2.5.

Earlier in the week, Bears coach Matt Eberflus also revealed his plan for the starters today.

“We certainly want to see certain guys play together, certain units play together for a certain amount of time,” said coach Matt Eberflus. “And there will also be players that won’t play in the game.

“With the starters, they’re probably going to go 15-20 plays … and that’s not every starter. Some guys are going 10-15, some guys are going 15-20. But that changes by guy. It’s really individual based on the guy, where he is and what his maturation is in terms of his play.”

Even with both teams playing some of their key guys, we’d have to lean Chiefs on this one given the major difference in talent between the two squads.

Either way, it’s great to have football back.

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