Wild WNBA 3 Game Parlay Nets Bettor Nearly Half a Million Dollars

Betting on sports can add plenty of excitement to your life.

Parlays are the most popular bets going down these days,  mostly because you don’t have to risk a ton and the payouts can be huge. One bettor actually placed  a pretty decent amount of money on  a 3 leg WNBA parlay.  For one I’m pretty confused that someone out there actually risked 7 Grand to bet on the  WNBA. Not only that, they risked that much money on three underdogs.

In order for the payout to happen, all three underdogs had to win outright.

See the crazy bet below:

Twitter reacted to this wild one:

Now that takes a lot of guts. It’s not  like one of those parlays where you put up very little to basically hit the lotto jackpot.  This person risked a lot of money, but with great risks comes great rewards. This bettor’s bank account is going to be a lot more impressive.

Still can’t believe this wild bet.

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