Zac Stacy Arrest Video Shows Stacy Told Officers It Was ‘Staged Attack’

Former NFL Running back Zac Stacy is still in hot water over a video that went viral showing him throw around his then girlfriend.

Stacy told cops the brutal attack on his ex was all “staged”

The former NFL running back’s conversation with officers was all captured on police video.

In the arrest footage, Stacy can be heard speaking with Orlando Police Dept. officers for several minutes about the events that led up to the Nov. 13 altercation, insisting it all “was staged.”

“It’s just a case of just bitterness, man,” Stacy told the policemen. “That’s why she did this. The whole assault thing, she staged it. She set me up.”

Stacy continued, “The whole thing was staged. All she’s trying to do is get money out of me. She got a reaction out of me.”

Watch below:

“She knew I was down, she knew I was going through anxiety and depression,” Stacy said. “She knew I was trying to close this gap that’s between me and my son and she’s just upset that she got caught and she’s upset I’m not taking care of him like she expected. And now she took it this far.”

Stacy added, “This is just a case of just girl is just bitter that I don’t want to be with her and she’s just trying to destroy my whole reputation ’cause of this s***.”

Stacy then told the officers he knew his actions were “f***ed up.”

“I don’t know what man — how any man could have handled that situation,” Stacy said.

Stacy is currently out on bond after being booked on charges of felony aggravated battery and felony criminal mischief.

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