Wild Rumor Jalen Rose’s Wife Molly is Dating Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim dating?

There is a wild rumor allegedly circulating at ESPN. According to some internet chatter, Stephen A Smith may be dating Jalen Rose’s estranged wife Molly Qerim.

Yesterday reports surfaced that Jalen Rose filed to divorce Molly Qerim. According to Jalen’s divorce documents, he and Molly have been separated for the past year.

Molly hasn’t commented on the Divorce, although Jalen did respond to the report:

Now back to this wild rumor, which more than likely is completely made up.

According to MTO, ESPN employees are convinced Molly and Stephen A. Smith are dating.

One employee explained:

“She’s definitely Stephen A’s type, a non-Black woman with ‘exotic’ features.’ Molly is ethnically mixed, Italian and Albanian.

The other employee told MTO News:

“They flirt a lot on camera. I thought it was all just play-play. But now that we learn she’s been single for a year. Yeah, it seems like something is up.”

The site points to a flirty video of the two.

Watch below:

This video took place after Molly split with Jalen.

Stephen A. may be rich and famous, but Molly is way out of his league. But this isn’t the first time Stephen A. has been linked to a coworker.

Keep dreaming Stephen A.

Check out more of the most likely very single Molly Qerim below:



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