Troy Aikman Not a Fan of Los Angeles Rams ‘All-Star’ Team

Troy Aikman is not a fan of NFL super teams.

The former Cowboys QB spoke about the Rams’ super team on 1310 The Ticket and explained why NFL super teams do not work in the NFL.

“We’ve talked about it — the all-star team just — I’ve never seen it work in the NFL,” Aikman said, as transcribed by Rams Wire’s Skyler Carlin. “I know Washington tried it back in, I think, ‘99. I’ve just never seen a team that goes out and tries to put together this all-star team that can win a Super Bowl, much less success. It usually unravels, and right now, that’s kind of what’s happening to the Rams. They’ve just not been very consistent.”

Aikman isn’t high on the Rams team moving forward.

“It was not a good performance at all the other night when we had them, but I don’t know if they’re going to be able to pull it together or not,” Aikman said. “That was a huge game for both of those teams, not only for the Rams to keep pace with Arizona in the division, but also they were still in the hunt potentially for a first-round bye. But it just does not have a good feel. I feel it throughout the entire organization. I just don’t know that they’re going — I don’t think they’re done. I think they’re going to have some moments where they climb back into it, but I don’t know if they’re going to have enough to get over the hump.”

The Rams have lost three straight since acquiring OBJ and Von Miller.

Definitely works a lot better in the NBA than it does on a football team…

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