Troubling Details Emerge From Geno Smith’s DUI Arrest

Seattle Seahawks backup quarterback Geno Smith came under fire yesterday after it was announced that he was arrested under suspicion of a DUI.

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Now, some troubling details are coming forward about how combative Smith was when he was arrested by police officers.

Per TMZ:

“One of the officers wrote in the docs, “I joked with him about how my wife thinks I work too much. Somehow he said that’s because ‘you have a little d***.’ I said, wow, maybe that is the problem, then he said you have a little d***, ‘you have little d*** syndrome.’”

“I’ll f*** every one of y’all up,” one officer says Smith told them. Smith allegedly continued “you don’t want to see me out of these cuffs, you don’t want to know what will happen.”

Geno Smith released a statement on Monday pleading with fans not to judge him until he’s given the appropriate amount of time to tell his side of the story.

“Being arrested brings a taint onto the reputation that is impossible to undo, no matter what really happened. I’m asking all of you to hold back on judging me the same as you would do for a friend or family member. I’ll have more to say down the road & ask that you bare with me,” Smith wrote on Twitter.

The Seahawks say they are aware of the charges surrounding Geno Smith and will await more details.

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