Trevor Bauer Slams Media Over Reports About His Return

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher hasn’t appeared in a game since the investigation in sexual assault last season. And he has still yet to join the team in Spring Training this year.

On Thursday, Rich Eisen tweeted out that Dave Roberts was preparing not to have Bauer around for the “foreseeable future”. Almost immediately, Bauer slammed Eisen for taking the quote from the Dodgers manager out of context.

“Media at it again. This is an outright lie. Here’s what was actually said: Rich: “I noticed one name that didn’t get mentioned by you right there, and it’s Trevor Bauer. What can you tell me about him?” Dave: “Yeah, I really can’t and it’s not just trying to… I don’t have,” Bauer wrote.

Shortly thereafter, the “Rich Eisen Show” account admitted that they had made a mistake when tweeted out Dave Roberts’ comments on Trevor Bauer.

Even if Dave Roberts didn’t necessarily say that he wasn’t expecting Trevor Bauer back anytime soon, it was announced shortly after Bauer’s calling-out that his administrative leave had been extended through the first week of the regular season.

Trevor Bauer has not pitched in a game since June 26 of last year — when he was initially accused of sexual assault by a woman he had relations with.

“Administrative leave is not a disciplinary action nor does it in any way reflect a finding in the league’s investigation,” the league statement said.

The Dodgers right-hander had his lawsuit thrown out after prosecutors were not able to prove the woman’s claims beyond a reasonable doubt.

After winning the Cy Young Award for the Reds in 202o, Trevor Bauer agreed to a three-year, $102 Million contract with his hometown Dodgers.

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Comments and Reactions for Trevor Bauer Slams Media Over Reports About His Return

Comments and Reactions for Trevor Bauer Slams Media Over Reports About His Return