Trevor Bauer’s Accuser Allegedly Had A Relationship With Fernando Tatis Jr.

The Trevor Bauer sexual assault case is getting even more wild, with a friend of his accuser revealing some text messages that would indicate that the woman had previous relations with Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr.

Per Radar Online:


“In the messages – obtained and reviewed by Radar – the alleged victim told the friend she allegedly had a past sexual relationship with San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis, Jr., saying she “cant believe I achieved that,” adding that it was the “best sex OF MY LIFE.” The woman alluded to that relationship being “the reason [she] had to resign from the pad squad!”

Per the Padres’ website, the Pad Squad is an ambassador team for the Padres and part of the Petco Park experience.


The woman went on to send the friend screenshots of Instagram DMs allegedly exchanged between herself and Bauer, noting that she was “going to his house” that week and “already [has] her hooks in,” adding, “you know how I roll.”

The woman told the friend she was “literally going to get in his head”… “and find pine tar.” She added, “trust me I know what I’m doing.”

The woman said Trevor Bauer was “so intriguing to me tho” and that “hes a whackaddodle. Like Clev,” a reference to Bauer’s former teammate and San Diego Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger, who she alluded to knowing.”

The messages obtained show that the accuser commented on an Instagram of Fernando Tatis Jr. mocking Trevor Bauer by saying, “”Ur welcome for getting in bauers head🤑,”.

“That’s the message that sits kind of strange with me, just being that it’s after their first alleged encounter,” the friend told Radar Online, “She mentioned that she had a great time and said something along the lines of – and I’m paraphrasing here – but something like he’s a nice guy and I had a great time. … None of which showed me anything to be concerned about or any signs of a victim being involved.”

It seems like Trevor Bauer’s camp may have found their ace in the hole for this lawsuit with this unnamed friend, who may also have proven a prior relationship with Fernando Tatis Jr.?

We’ll await any more developments on this bizarre case.

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