Tony La Russa Calls Out Dusty Baker and The Astros For Throwing At Jose Abreu

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa has no love lost for Dusty Baker.

Well before their team’s matched up in the ALDS, Baker and La Russa have had a feud that spanned decades – since La Russa was with the Cardinals and Baker with the Cubs.

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In the waning moments of Tony La Russa and the White Sox getting eliminated by Dusty Baker’s Astros on Tuesday, Sox slugger Joe Abreu was hit by a fastball.

La Russa immediately went nuts, getting into it with umpires on the field who refused to make ejections in the game.


When speaking on the incident in the postgame presser, Tony La Russa re-iterated his belief that the hit-by-pitch was intentional. And he called Dusty baker and the Astros liars if they refused to admit it.

You gotta love Tony La Russa standing up for his players, and I even respect him standing by his belief that Dusty Baker likes to play dirty, but I have a hard time believing the Astros were trying to hit Jose Abreu in that spot.

They already had the series wrapped up, and were just trying to get a few more outs. A pitch got away, and that appeared to be the extent of it.

It’ll be interesting to see if the feud carries over when the Astros take on the Sox next season. You know Tony La Russa won’t forget any of this.

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