Tom Brady Also Not A Fan Of The New Taunting Penalties

Tom Brady is just like the rest us. Well, it one aspect, at least.

All across the NFL, penalties are being thrown at an outrageous clip after executives voted to crackdown on taunting this year. Now if a player does so much as clap towards an opponent, he’ll be penalized.

The increase in flags is just adding to the notion that games are already overly-officiated to begin with. And fans and players are completely fed up.


Tom Brady isn’t  a fan of the new taunting rules either. And the GOAT took to social media to declare the he ‘agrees’ that these taunting flags are absurd.

Tom Brady has been outspoken about other changes the NFL made in the offseason, as well.

He has been lobbying with the NFLPA to get the league to raise the salary cap, being as he believes teams are over exaggerating about how much money they lost due to COVID. And the QB also thinks that the new leniency towards players wearing whatever jersey number they want makes it confusing to prepare during the pre-snap progressions.

For now, it appears that the ridiculous taunting crackdowns are here to stay. And we’ll all continue to scoff at how ticky-tack some of these penalties have become.

Tom Brady included.

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