Everyone Had Tom Brady Jokes After Bill Belichick Took Control Of The AFC With A Game Plan From Last Century

It looks like Bill Belichick has decided how to win without Tom Brady – just don’t throw the ball…ever.

Given the windy conditions in Buffalo on Monday night, Belichick and the Patriots had a game plan of running the ball all game long. And it actually worked.

Rookie Mac Jones finished the game completing just two of his three passes, and the Patriots would go on to take control of the AFC by winning 14-10.


After the game, all the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick jokes were out there on social media.


Many were quick to deem Tom Brady the winner of the Bill Belichick divorce after he won the Super Bowl during his first year with the Buccaneers.

But after a down year in 2020, it looks like Belichick id finally getting his swagger back without the GOAT at his disposal.

Following a seven game winning streak, the Patriots are now 9-4, in first place in the AFC, and appear to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season.

The world needs a Bill Belichick-Tom Brady Super Bowl matchup this season.

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