Tiger Woods Has His Kids To Thank For Getting Him Through Brutal Recovery

As Tiger Woods gears up for his first golf tournament since his car crash from earlier in the year, it’s only fitting that his playing partner will be his 12-year-old son Charlie.

Prior to his return, People magazine did a feature on Tiger’s grueling recovery. And according to a source, it was his two kids who helped push him through.

“Being a dad has helped him stay focused on his recovery,” says the source. “At times, it’s been very difficult for him both physically and mentally. His leg injuries caused him extreme pain. He is a fighter and has been determined to get better though.”

The ananymous source would go on to give some credit to Tiger Woods for working “very hard” on his “remarkable” recovery from the crash that occurred on Feb. 23.

While it’s beyond wild that Tiger is already teeing it up, he also admitted that it’s unlikely that he’ll ever return to a full-time schedule on the PGA Tour.

“I got that last major, and I ticked off two more events along the way,” he said to ESPN. “I don’t foresee this leg ever being what it used to be, hence I’ll never have the back what it used to be, and clock’s ticking. I’m getting older, I’m not getting any younger. All that combined means a full schedule and a full practice schedule and the recovery that would take to do that … no, I don’t have any desire to do that.

“But to ramp it up for a few events a year and, as I alluded to Mr. [Ben] Hogan did, and he did a pretty good job of it, and there’s no reason that I can’t do that and feel ready. I may not be tournament-sharp in a sense that I haven’t played tournaments, but I think if you practice correctly and you do it correctly, that I’ve come off surgeries before. So I know the recipe for it, I’ve just got to get to a point where I feel comfortable enough where I can do that again.”

Regardless, it will be awesome to see Tiger Woods teeing it up this weekend.

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