The Current Trade Market for Kyrie Irving Revealed

Does anyone want troublemaker Kyrie Irving on their squad?

ESPN’s top NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski discussed the Kyrie situation in the latest episode of his podcast with guest Malika Andrews, and called the trade market for Irving as “dicey,” explaining that other teams are extremely wary of trading for Kyrie Irving.

“I think the trade market for him is going to be very… I think it’s dicey,” Wojnarowski said. “You don’t know what you would be trading for. You don’t know whether he wants to play. Does he want to play for you? Does he want to play at all?

He wanted Brooklyn, he wanted Kevin Durant. He wanted to play for the Nets, his childhood team. And there’s been a lot of instances where… it’s fair to question how much he wanted to play.”

Wojnarowski also said that a much-discussed Irving for Ben Simmons trade is unlikely to happen.

“I know everyone sees there’s this easy trade. Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, that’s this easy trade. I know this – that phone call’s never been made. Philadelphia’s talked to everybody. Simmons, like, it’s not been from a lack of creativity in terms of trying to identify guys around the league they would do for Simmons. They have not made that call to Brooklyn and I don’t know that they ever will. Things could change, but they haven’t made it yet, I’m not sure they’re going to make it.”

These guys aren’t worth the headache.

Are they great players? Sure, but apparently not worth it.

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Comments and Reactions for The Current Trade Market for Kyrie Irving Revealed

Comments and Reactions for The Current Trade Market for Kyrie Irving Revealed