Terry Bradshaw Slams Aaron Rodgers Over COVID Vaccine Status

So much for the fraternity of Quarterbacks having each other’s backs. Fox’s NFL pregame show really laid into Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

The reigning NFL MVP was sidelined for Sunday’s Green Bay Packers-Kansas City Chiefs showdown after he contracted COVID-19. It was revealed that he wasn’t vaccinated against the coronavirus.

That he misled fans and media about his status is upsetting plenty of people. Fox’s Terry Bradshaw, who has previously placed Rodgers in his crosshairs, did not hold back while broadcasting from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Bradshaw took his time to get across his point about Rodgers.

“I’d give Aaron Rodgers some advice,” Bradshaw said. “It would have been nice if he’d just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone. …

“We are a divided nation politically. We are a divided nation on the COVID-19 whether or not to take the vaccine. And unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves. And I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.”

Watch below:

“I respect his attitude toward being an individual,” Johnson said. “But this is a team game. In all honesty, I’m disappointed in his play on words for his explanation. I’m disappointed in some of his selfish actions.”

Bradshaw’s studio mates Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long also criticized the Packers quarterback.

Long argued that Rodgers’ decision wasn’t “personal” because of the risk to spread COVID-19 to his teammates and his family.

“It ceases to be a personal decision when you take part in being part of a football team in a building with coaches, players, trainers, equipment managers,” Long said. “And you run the risk of taking something home to your wife, your children, your grandchildren.”

Rodgers is now easily the most polarizing player in the NFL.

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Comments and Reactions for Terry Bradshaw Slams Aaron Rodgers Over COVID Vaccine Status

Comments and Reactions for Terry Bradshaw Slams Aaron Rodgers Over COVID Vaccine Status