Telling Urban Meyer Story Resurfaces Following The Jaguars Firing

Urban Meyer has dominated sports headlines all week long.

After former kicker Josh Lambo became the latest person to call out Meyer – saying the coach kicked him prior to a practice earlier in the year – Jaguars ownership finally pulled the plug on the disastrous tenure.

With the news, plenty of damning Urban Meyer stories have been circulating the web. But perhaps the most entertaining one came from college football insider Brett McMurphy.

According to the story, he was asking college football coaches in 2015 which other head coach around the country would they want by their side in a brawl. An anonymous coach claimed he’d pick Meyer, because everyone would be so busy getting their licks out on the Ohio St. coach that he would come out unscathed.

“Urban, why would you want Urban,” McMurphy asked. “He’s not a big guy, why would you want Urban by your side if a fight broke out?”

“The coach told me ‘because everyone hates that motherf–ker and they would be punching him in the face so much, nobody would lay a hand on me.’”

It’s pretty telling that pretty much every former player or coach has come out to say they aren’t surprised that the Urban Meyer experiment didn’t work out in Jacksonville.

Throughout his career, Urban has been a winner. But he’s also been an a-hole. And when the winning was no longer there, the latter became even more easy to spot.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing Urban Meyer coaching again any time soon.

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