Steve Nash Provides Update On Rumor Kyrie Irving is Returning

This week rumors have been swirling that Brooklyn Nets controversial star Kyrie Irving could potentially return this season.

Kyrie isn’t allowed to play right now due to his vaccination status, however, reports claim that the Nets are actually thinking of letting him back on the squad.

Via Shams Charania of The Athletic:

“There is renewed optimism around Irving returning to the Nets this season, sources with knowledge of the situation tell The Athletic.

It remains unclear whether Irving’s potential return this season would come via vaccination to meet New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement or by Brooklyn opening the door for him to play road games and practice at home, but sources have indicated a renewed belief that Irving could play this season after all”

Nets head coach Steve Nash did a great job of tempering expectations as he spoke to the media about the recent reports. As Nash explained, he has yet to speak to Kyrie about a comeback and that while he respects the reports that came out, he simply has no information to give anyone at this juncture.

“I haven’t and I have no updates,” Nash said per Dave Early of ClutchPoints. “I have connected with him but totally outside of the scope of the question and just on life in general. So we connected last week but not with any intel or insight that things are changing. So I know he’s working out, and I know he’d love to be playing but I think the boundaries are still the same as they were before recent reports.”

It’s also worth noting that Charania’s report also said he and KD have been talking a lot lately.

“In recent weeks, Irving and Kevin Durant, his co-star and close friend, have had increased communication about his fit on the team, breaking down the games, and about life in general, sources added. There appears to be an increased level of enthusiasm between the two superstars.”

Based  off what Nash is saying, it doesn’t sound like he’s expecting Kyrie to return anytime soon.

You only have so many years to  play, it’s a shame Kyrie is most likely going to entirely waste this one. .

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