Steve Cohen Releases Statement Amid The Francisco Lindor Extension Drama

The New York Mets and shortstop Francisco Lindor appear to be at a stalemate. While the Mets have reportedly offered Lindor a massive extension, it seems like he’s still holding out for a bigger deal.

According to reports, the final offer to Francisco Lindor will be for 10 year $325 Million.



It looks like Lindor is going to pass on that. While the tension appears to be growing between the two sides, New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has spoken out on the whole matter.

“Lindor is a heckuva player and a great guy . I hope he decides to sign,” Cohen wrote in a short but direct tweet.

It seems like Steve Cohen and the Mets front office wants to create a narrative that the ball is solely in Lindor’s court, while he wants to continue to drive up his price before Opening Day.

It’s becoming increasingly more likely that Francisco Lindor will play in 2021 without a new contract. Turning down over $300 Million is an incredible bet on yourself. You gotta respect it.

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