Stephen A. Smith Sounds Off on Mandatory Vaccinations

Stephen A. Smith is dishing out his latest opinion on the vaccine. During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, iconic sportscaster and famous debater, Stephen A. Smith, was open to sharing his opinions regarding unvaccinated players. SAS spoke about his own reservations about the vaccine.

“Listen, I have my own reservations about the vaccine myself. I’m a Black man. We know history, in terms of what this nation has done as it pertains to medicine and things of that nature. The Tuskegee Experiment and all of this. We know all of that,” he told Angela Yee.

“Here’s the flip side. You’re an athlete. You’ve been putting stuff in your body. Are you trying to tell me that whenever the doctor or team physician prescribes something to you, you look at every ingredient and Google it to make sure [that it’s ok]? Stop it. You know good and d— well that’s not the case. We go to the doctor. We ain’t feeling well. The doctor tells us to take something. We look at the prescription. Then, we go, we get it and we take it. That’s what we do. All of a sudden now…now you want to be like, ‘I want to check.’ Stop, that’s where we look hypocritical.”

Smith believes there’s a ton of hypocrisy from players who refuse to take the vaccine. SAS thinks that the majority of athletes in the NFL do not check the ingredients of other medications prescribed to them.

“You have others that [do check the ingredients of medications that are prescribed to them]. I am not talking about them because they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s. What I am saying is that in the world of sports, that clearly has not been the case. You have had guys throughout the years lament the kind of stuff that they put in their bodies. Well, it didn’t stop you before. So, why all of a sudden [is it] stopping you now when they are talking about how hospitalizations and deaths are drastically reduced when you take the vaccine. All of a sudden, we’re adopting conspiracy [theories] and things of that nature. It’s inconsistent with what you have been.”

“If you’re not the guy that Googles the ingredients to find out what’s in everything, stop it. Stop it.”

Refusing the vaccine is a personal choice, and everyone has their own reasons.

SAS is dead right on this one.

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Comments and Reactions for Stephen A. Smith Sounds Off on Mandatory Vaccinations

Comments and Reactions for Stephen A. Smith Sounds Off on Mandatory Vaccinations