Social Media Reacts To Tony Romo Suggesting Tom Brady Should Let Fan Go On Date With Wife Gisele

Tom Brady threw for his 600th career TD pass Sunday in Tampa Bay, but Tony Romo is getting all the attention after he made quite the comment on live television.


Tom Brady threw his 600th TD pass to WR Mike Evans, but unfortunately Evans didn’t realize that was Tom’s 600th career pass and gave the ball to a fan.

Clearly passing such milestone is something Brady might like to have as a keepsake, so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training staff managed to make a deal with the fan who caught the ball.

The whole interaction was caught on camera with Tony Romo adding in some color commentary.

There’s nothing like suggesting giving your supermodel wife up for a date in exchange for your milestone touchdown ball.

I mean, let’s be honest, who would turn that down though?


Everyone with half a brain knows that Romo was just kidding, but social media always has a few interesting people on the scene.

Many fans are also suggesting that the ball could have fetched $500K to a million in auctions. Considering Brady rookie cards are going for that price, this 1/1 piece of history could have easily been a massive pay day for the fan.

One is left to wonder what sort of compensation the fan will receive, but we are hoping that it isn’t just a hand shake with Tom Brady and that he will get something back from the team for his generosity.

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