Skip Bayless Sounded Like He Was On The Verge Of Tears When Referencing Being Trolled By Kevin Durant

Skip Bayless loves Kevin Durant.

So much so, that he’s often looking at KD’s elite performances and track record as a reason to slight LeBron James on a nightly basis. And earlier in the week, he was pushing that narrative, yet again.

When Durant propelled the Nets to a win without James Harden against the Raptors, Bayless took it as an opportunity to call out LeBron James.

But Kevin Durant was having none of it – retweeting Skip Bayless’s post with the caption, “I really don’t like you”.

When Skip Bayless talked about being trolled by Kevin Durant, he made some decent points. He talked about how KD uses his unusual Twitter beefs with media members to put a chip on his shoulder when he’s on the court.

But as some people on social media pointed out, Skip kinda sounded like he wanted to cry when responding to being called out.

Even if Kevin Durant’s biggest fan may very well be Skip Bayless, it appears as though the Nets star doesn’t want to hear it.

But in the end, it’s no skin off Skip’s back. After all, KD’s call out probably gave him more publicity and views than he’s gotten in weeks.

No matter what, Skip Bayless will continue to be in Kevin Durant’s corner. Whether he’s wanted there or not..

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