Skip Bayless Blasts Russell Westbrook as ‘Classless’

Skip Bayless is not a fan of Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook was pretty heated at the end of the game, he even got ejected when he got in Darius Bazley’s face for dunking the ball with just a few seconds left on the clock. To Russell, there is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t rub it in, and he wasn’t very happy how Darius Bazley finished the game.

See the dunk below:

Skip Bayless spoke about the incident and ripped Westbrook pretty good.

As he told Shannon Sharpe, Bayless believes what Westbrook did to Bazley was simply “classless” and that he’s making the Lakers look bad.

“As highly respected as Russell Westbrook is by his peers, going after Darius Bazley was classless. That’s just hotheaded Russ losing his cool, his poise, his temper,” Bayless explained.

Skip has made a living off of ripping players, and of course he’s going to pile on the Lakers now that they’re down.

Just wait til they right the ship and he’s forced to eat crow.

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Comments and Reactions for Skip Bayless Blasts Russell Westbrook as ‘Classless’

Comments and Reactions for Skip Bayless Blasts Russell Westbrook as ‘Classless’