Shaq Says He’s Going to Buy Bill Russell’s Record 11 NBA Championship Rings

Shaq wants more rings than he already has. .

Legendary Boston Celtics big man Bill Russell is planning to work with Hunt Auctions this week to auction off a huge amount of historic items from his Hall of Fame career with the Celtics.

The auction is featuring all sorts of memorabilia from his career, and it’s all being done to benefit two of his favorite charitable organizations, Mentor and Boston Celtics United For Social Justice.

Another legendary big man wants in. Shaq plans to purchase an especially memorable assortment of those items for safekeeping.

He will of course have to win the bidding war. Shaq discussed those plans amid coverage of the auction on a recent episode of TNT’s “Inside the NBA”.

If anyone has the means to pull it off, it’s Shaq.

Maybe Shaq wants to buy all of them in order to prevent chuck from getting one?

Gotta love it.

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