Ciara Breaks The Internet With Beachside Dancing Video

Despite the down year for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson and Ciara appear to be doing just fine.

The power couple often take their relationship to social media. And that was the case again this week.

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It started when Ciara sent out an ad video that involved her twerking while on a beach.

Russell Wilson was quick to comment on the Ciara video.

“❤👀❤ see you later tonight after work hahaha 🤣 #TenToOne 🤣,” Russ commented.

Ciara became a part-owner of Ten To One Rum earlier in the year. and has taken the company to new heights since she became involved.

“I couldn’t be more excited to help the brand build on its amazing foundation,” Ciara said via TMZ, “and invite new audiences to rediscover their love for rum through Ten To One.”

It looks like Ciara is getting hands-on with the advertising of her own product.

Check out some more of Russell Wilson’s wife below:

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