Russell Wilson’s Cryptic Tweet Has Fans Thinking He’s Out Of Seattle

Is Russell Wilson preparing for an offseason trade?

All last year we heard rumors of Russ wanting out of Seattle due to how he felt he’s not given enough of a say in the team’s management decisions. But he stuck around and said all the right things despite the lackluster season.

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Now, the star QB continues to say that he wants to remain with the Seahawks. But his social media activity paints a different picture altogether. In his latest Tweet, it appears as though Russell Wilson is using an image of him walking out of a tunnel for metaphorical purposes.

If you remember, Tom Brady posted a picture very similar to Russell Wilson’s when he was preparing to leave the Patriots. But it all ended up being a prelude to a Super Bowl Hulu commercial.

With Russell Wilson, it’s unclear what his motives were for posting the picture. But in all likelihood, it’s probably much ado about nothing.

Until Russ openly says that he wants to be traded, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that he’ll be sticking around in Seattle. He means too much to the franchise, and still has plenty of years left on his mega deal.

There’s no doubt the Russell Wilson rumors will continue all offseason long. And we’ll have to wait and see if there’s merit to any of it.

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