Russell Wilson Compares Himself To Steph Curry When Talking About His Struggles

Following a contentious offseason – where it actually looked like he might get traded – Russell Wilson is having a tough 2021 season.

After battling a gruesome finger injury, Russ is back. But he looks like a mere shell of the Hall of Fame version of himself. And Seattle has suffered.

The Seahawks currently sit at 3-8, and would have a mountain to climb to get back into the playoff conversation in the NFC. But through it all, Russell Wilson has kept his patented biblical optimism, and he’s confident him and the team can turn it around.

He even compared this season to the one Steph Curry had when he battled through injuries in 2019.

β€œYou know, when I think about this season I think about – I love watching the [Golden State] Warriors play, for example,” Wilson said. β€œI think about their 2019 season. They went through some tough, tough moments there. But also think about where they are today. I think about just how good they are and how Steph Curry kept battling in the midst of being injured or whatever it may be.”


Russel Wilson would finish his sound bite by pointing to his “resume” to prove he’s capable of getting this thing turned around before the season is over.

β€œAnd like I said, me resume shows that I’m an overcomer – and I’m gonna keep being one. So, you know, I have no doubt. I have tremendous confidence in who I am, where I am, what I’m going to be, how I’m going to be, how I’m going to get better every day about my craft and our football seems to get better. Because there is no other choice.”

Russell Wilson has said and done all the right things all season long (like he always does). But one has to wonder: will he ask for a trade in the offseason.

It’s not like the situation has gotten any better since he publicly called out Pete Carroll and the front office last year, and he’s not getting any younger.

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Russell Wilson in another uniform next season.

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