Russell Westbrook Reacts to Kings Troll Jobs, Awarded Him ‘Ice Cold Player of the Game’

Russell Westbrook’s shooting woes continue.

The Sacramento Kings named Russell Westbrook their “Ice cold player of the game”

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It has to be right up there with one of the coldest troll jobs in the history of the NBA.

Westbrook shot 2-14 from the field and only scored eight points. It wasn’t a good game and to boot, the Lakers lost.

The Kings were more than happy to put Russ on blast on the Jumbotron.

That wasn’t the only trolling of Russ, they also played Cold as Ice every time he missed a shot.

Of course, Russ wasn’t about to back down from the Troll jobs.

He called the troll job “cute.” And he also said he hoped the Kings played that throughout his 14-year career to this point which, obviously, they did not.

Russell is not a great shooter, but he needs to be a little bit more selective when he’s not shooting well.

He’s not the kind of player that can shoot himself out of a slump.

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