Rumors of Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Break Up Continue to Persist

Did Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley really break up?

Following a long offseason drama, Aaron Rodgers eventually stayed in Green Bay and it seems like things have gone pretty well for him so far this season. If not, just look at what the Packers quarterback has said recently.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers admitted to loving life in Green Bay:

“I got my best friend in the league (Randall Cobb) back to go to work with every day,” Rodgers said. “I got the funniest dude in the world to drive down to practice with every day in David Bakhtiari. I got a great coaching staff that I love. I’m still in Green Bay and having the time of my life, and I get fun moments like this every single week.

“So, life is about perspective and I’m just daily counting the blessings that I have in life and just have so much gratitude for these moments. And for the fact that I’m 37 and I’m still playing at high level, still getting to have fun moments each week,” he added.

Now his love life, that may be another story. For several weeks we’ve been hearing some buzz over Rodgers and Shailene’s breakup. Even Shailene has been allegedly dropping clues.

But Shailene was recently spotted watching the Packers at a sports bar, so there’s that too.

The two decided to take some time apart when the season began, something Rodgers thought would be good for the engaged couple.

This latest bit of news points to them breaking up, rather than just taking time to themselves.

See the scoop below via IG Account Deuxmoi:

Of course Rodgers and Shailene are extremely private.  We know they can keep things to themselves, as they pretty much hid their engagement for months.

From our source:

“Aaron talked about being apart. I think things weren’t good before that. She made some interesting comments about not thinking about wedding planning at all while he was talking about having babies. I think that this was a quarantine/Covid relationship. At this point, I think they’re trying to save face, but I don’t think they’re together. Shailene has been in California for the last couple months, she took a trip to Cabo but can’t get to Green Bay? She’s in New York now. She has the financial capability to get herself there.”

So is this just a rumor, or is there something more to them not seeing each other this NFL season?

Only time will tell.

Check out more of  Rodgers fiancé (for now) below:

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Comments and Reactions for Rumors of Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Break Up Continue to Persist

Comments and Reactions for Rumors of Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Break Up Continue to Persist