Rob Gronkowski Clears the Air on his Film-Watching Habits

Don’t believe everything Gronk says,  but believe him now. After telling Peyton and Eli Manning on their ESPN Monday Night Football MegaCast that he “doesn’t watch film,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski cleared the air this week, saying he actually does watch film, and his job ain’t as easy as it looks.

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Gronk explains:

“I actually watch tons of film. An overload of film. I will probably blame [Bucs vice president of communications] Nelson [Luis] over there. He asked me eight times to go on the show. I told him, ‘It’s not a good idea.’ They always get me in that type of silly atmosphere, and that’s what happened,” Gronkowski said, joking. “Now Coach [Bruce Arians] threatened me. I don’t get my vet day anymore.”

“Trust me, I watch so much film that my girlfriend gets mad at me. She friggin’ throws s— at me sometimes, I’m watching so much film,” Gronkowski joked. “Sometimes I go home and she’s like, ‘You’ve been gone all day and now you’re studying, you’ve got your iPad out,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve gotta get into it. I gotta learn.'”

Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians did jokingly tell him in front of reporters that he wasn’t allowed to take any more veteran rest days after the comments he made.

Gronkowski joked on the show:

“I just run by guys, and if I’m feelin’ good, I’m feelin’ good. … I actually do go up to Tom [Brady] ’cause Tom watches like, I don’t know, 40 hours of film a week. I go, ‘Tom, who’s covering me this week? What type of coverages are they doing?’ I go, ‘That’s why I love playing for you, dawg. You just know everything.'”

Gronk explained how it’s not as easy as it looks.

“It never feels, like, totally easy,” Gronkowski said. “It really never does. Even when it looks easy, it just doesn’t really like, ‘Oh, man, that was easy.’ It’s just really not because there’s just so much work that goes into it. But I would say that just the way we’ve been practicing and just being on the same page, we’ve just gotta [continue] to build that or else teams are gonna stop you.”

Gronk and Brady have been doing it for so long, they make it look easy.

But we know there’s no easy TD’s in the NFL.

Always take what Gronk says with a grain of salt.

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