Reporter Who Got Negged Once Again Asks Bill Belichick His New Year’s Resolution

One Patriots reporter has so much courage, it’s downright scary.

Following last Sunday’s loss to the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills, one reporter asked a completely ridiculous question given the timing of it regarding Belichick’s New Year’s resolution. It was a question that was quickly dismissed by Bill Belichick.

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The Patriots head coach just came off a brutal loss, and wanted nothing to do with it.

However Bill did say ask me next week.

The reporter was back at it, once again asking Belichick about his New Years resolution.

This time around Belichick gave a reason why he’s not revealing his.

“They would all be personal, so they wouldn’t mean anything to you anyway”

Watch below:

At least Bill gave a nice little smirk at the end.

What an interesting man.

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