Report Details Just How Much Matt Nagy Hated Mitchell Trubisky

When the Chicago Bears hired Matt Nagy prior to the 2018 season, his job was to come in and work with second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. But from day one, the pair just didn’t click.

Now, Trubisky is the backup for the Bills, and Nagy is one of seven coaches who have been let go following this season.

This week, a report gave insight on just how much Matt Nagy despised Mitchell Trubisky when they were paired together for three seasons.

Per The Athletic’s Adam Jahns and Kevin Fishbain:

“After the 2019 season concluded, Trubisky prepared to meet with Nagy. They needed to have a conversation. How were they going to make this work? The quarterback prepared notes for the meeting. Nagy, though, didn’t make it — “He no-showed him,” a source said. Trubisky left his notes behind.”

It has also been report that Matt Nagy would rip Mitchell Trubisky in front of the team for not throwing to the receiver he should have on a given play. He even went as far as to call Trubisky “uncoachable”.

Being in Chicago, the entire Matt Nagy-Mitchell Trubisky era was basically boiled down to one question: who was more at fault for the offensive ineptitude.

But looking back, it’s pretty clear that both guys just weren’t good enough at their jobs. And now, one is rightfully a backup QB, and one is looking for another coaching job.

Luckily for Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy, they’ll never be paired with each other again.

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