Postgame Comments Could Land Baker Mayfield in Hot Water

Baker Mayfield wasn’t too happy after his team’s loss on Sunday, and he knows the loss doesn’t sit solely on the shoulders of the officials who called the game.

That didn’t stop the Cleveland Browns quarterback from calling out the Refs after their 47-42 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium.

“Late in the game … might as well forward the fine letter now. We asked the ref on the sideline how the hell he missed that call,” Mayfield said, via The Athletic’s Zac Jackson. “They were shoving [receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones] out of bounds and then [receiver Rashard Higgins] gets grabbed, so there’s two PIs in one play. They didn’t call it, but we shouldn’t have even been in that position.”

It’s obvious why Mayfield is upset.

Their final attempt to win the game came down to a last-ditch effort, and there was plenty of contact in the end zone that could have warranted a flag. It was definitely PI.

Watch below:

Still a Hail Mary, and you can’t expect to get any PI calls on a heave ho.

Mayfield and others were also pissed over a pass interference call on fourth down, which set up the Chargers for their game-winning touchdown. Cleveland cornerback A.J. Green was called for interference on a ball directed to Chargers receiver Mike Williams.

That call, Myles Garrett said, was “terrible.”

Mayfield acknowledged, it’s not fair to blame just those plays for the loss.

“We left too many points on the field in the first half,” Mayfield said. “It’s very frustrating that we didn’t do our job well enough to just take the ballgame away. We left it in the hands of somebody else. We have to be better on that.”

You win some you lose some. At the end of the day the refs aren’t the one responsible for the loss. For making bad calls, definitely.

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Comments and Reactions for Postgame Comments Could Land Baker Mayfield in Hot Water

Comments and Reactions for Postgame Comments Could Land Baker Mayfield in Hot Water