Comedian Paul Scheer Gets Personal With Shannon Sharpe During Twitter Beef

FS1’s Shannon Sharpe is no stranger to getting into some beef on Twitter, but it feels like he took a fat “L” when getting into it with comedy Paul Scheer on Thursday.

It all started when Sharpe declared on “Undisputed” that the Clippers did not have a true fan base.

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Thats when Scheer chimed in to call out Shannon Sharpe for being dead wrong about the Clippers fans.


Shannon Sharpe then opted for a low blow by bringing up Scheer’s teeth.

“That’s still less time than it would take a dentist to close that gap btw your teeth”

Once things heated up, Scheer brought up the fact that Shannon Sharpe’s ex has found a new man in former MLB player Marlon Byrd.

Shannon Sharpe went right back after Scheer’s teeth.

I’m gonna give Scheer the edge over Shannon Sharpe here.

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