Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Brother Pouring Water on Ravens Fan

Patrick Mahomes is definitely his brother’s keeper. The Kansas City Chiefs Superstar said there was more to the incident involving his brother Jackson Mahomes after the Kansas City Chiefs’ game on Sunday night in Baltimore than what was shown on the video making the rounds on social media.

The video shows a fan in a Ravens jersey yelling, apparently at Jackson, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.” Jackson then poured water toward or on the fan.

Mahomes defended his brother, and claims we didn’t get the whole picture.

“Obviously, it’s something we don’t want to necessarily do,” Mahomes said Wednesday of the video showing Jackson pouring water toward or on a fan during a confrontation on Sunday night. “[But] there were things that were said to him and [Patrick’s fiancée Brittany Matthews] that you don’t see on the clip.

“He’s been good at trying not to respond to that stuff. He takes a lot and he’s usually pretty good at it and he’ll learn from it and try to stay away from those people as best he can.”

Mahomes brother and fiancé are too thirsty.

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They clearly crave attention,  and it’s pretty obvious they are using Patrick’s platform to get as much attention as possible.

Patrick needs to tell both of them to fall back.

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